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  • Suministro de energía eléctrica a grandes clientes mineros del Norte de Chile
    Stage 1: The process begins with the extraction of shale gas from gas fields in the U.S.
  • Stage 2: The Shale gas is transported through pipeline networks to the liquefaction terminal.
  • Stage 3: Transportation of LNG from the fields to the liquefaction plant on the shores of U.S.
  • Stage 4: LNG transport across the ocean by ship Tanker.
  • Stage 5: The trip includes Panama Canal crossing.
  • Stage 6: When the Ship Tanker arrive to the Bay Mejillones, transfers the gas for the Ship Tanker to Ship FSRU.
  • Stage 7: the FSRU vessel, the It is carried through the pipeline to the Atacama Power Plant to generate clean electricity
  • Stage 8: Finally, the cycle ends with clean energy supply to large customers miners in northern Chile.

Contribution to Sustainability

Aporte a la Continuidad

During periods of crisis GasAtacama has contributed to the continuity of supply for the Interconnection System of Norte Grande de Chile (SING), especially for mining customers, which account for 90% of SING customers.



GasAtacama projects


GasAtacama is current projects show it interest both to ensure clean energy supply through projects such as providing electricity from Shale Gas fields from the U.S., as well as to study the resources in the Great North and, to incorporate into its core assets Non-Conventional Renewable Energy.

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Mejillones Development Plan

Plan de Desarrollo Mejillones

GasAtacama feels part of the community of Mejillones, hence its interest to actively participate in the development plan of the town of Mejillones in order to favorably change the face of the community, achieving a harmonious development between the residential and industrial area.



GasAtacama and the Community


GasAtacama attaches great importance to its active role in the country´s development reflected in its constant support in issues such as education, technical and vocational training in and grass roots community development, both inside and outside the company...



GasAtacama and the environment

Gas Atacama y Medioambiente

From its beginnings the environmental issue has been a major focus of work for GasAtacama, which has generated a strong commitment. Its current their concern is to determine it Carbon Footprint.


Emissions Measurements Online

Medición de Emisiones en Línea

GasAtacama was a staunch advocate for an emissions standard for power plants and of the implementation of the Emissions Measurement System Online, a task to which it attaches great importance, since this way customers can make informed choices on the type of energy to buy.

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